While mailing a check to the church address remains a good way to give, many of us would prefer to donate electronically.  Our treasurer has researched the lowest cost service available to handle the various financial institutions in a secure way to get your contributions directly to our account and the result was to engage with Give-In-Joy – a group specializing in providing least cost methods to assist churches in need of such a service.

Link to Service

The link to the service is and is up and running.  The amount of time to “clear” the banks and credit card companies depends on the method you choose to use to provide the donation.  This link will be made available on our church website so you can always find it there.

Directions for Use

Common to All Means of Donation

There are three ways to donate using this service; credit / debit cards, direct checking debit, and texting.  These are described below.  What is common to each is that:

  1. There is no account setup required which means your credit card, debit card, or checking account information is only saved for recurring giving to protect your security.  Your computer can remember your card information.  Note that the Text Giving option safely saves all information for either one-time donations or recurring.  Obviously, your phone number will be tied to this giving option.
  2. You can elect to donate on a one at a time basis or select reoccurring donations on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.
  3. You can elect to add a small percentage to your donation to cover the fees that are associated with collecting the funds from the various financial institutions.
  4. Security is a top priority for Give-In-Joy.  They have very strong encryption security associated with any of your sensitive banking information.
  5. None of your information is provided to the church EXCEPT your name, the date of the contribution, the fund selected, and the amount of the donation for each.  No other information is provided to the church because that is all that is needed to properly track your giving.  The name provide is that which you enter in the billing information fields.  Please provide full first and last names because using initials will be confusing as we have families with shared last names.
  6. Our church donations are often targeted to a special fund.  The funds provided are (1) Tithes and Offerings, (2) Alma Hunt, (3) CIP, (4) Food Bank, (5) Outreach Ministries, and (6) Special Occasions / Activities.  These funds represent the general categories where funds have been targeted in the past.  These can be changed or added to as needed.  If you have questions, call, email or text the treasurer.
  7. If you are contributing to more than one fund with a single donation, you can click on the Add Another Gift link and enter an amount and fund selection.

Donating Via Credit/Debit Card

Using your computer, go to the site and enter your Amount, Fund, Recurring selection, 2.5% fee selection.  Next you will enter your billing information.  This is self-explanatory.  Be careful that you correctly enter your email address so that you will get a receipt for your donation immediately sent to you for your records.  One is also sent to the treasurer for reference and settlement purposes.  When complete, simply click the Safely Send button.

Donating Via Text

Donate by text message to 1-804-258-4320 entering an amount in the message field.  A link will be replied to you.  Click that link and, using your device the site will be presented where you can select which fund(s) exactly in the same manner as you would from your computer.  You will need to provide your billing information only the first time you give.  Be sure that you enter your email address and billing information correctly.  Remember the Text Giving option safely saves all information for either one-time donations or recurring.  This will be tied in their systems to your mobile number.  If you have any questions specific to texting your donation, simply text or call (800) 570-6192 or email to


Online / text giving is not just trendy but is, in fact, a regularly used method for giving nationwide.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our treasurer.

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